Could these 7 popular ghostwriting “truths” be holding you back from the clients you deserve?

Debunk the myths

Most ghostwriters squeeze out a couple thousand bucks a month on freelance job sites. Joshua Lisec earns $35,000 to $100,000+ per book project.

Could Joshua’s secrets help you find authors willing to pay big money for the best quality?

After all, you started freelance writing to make money, not peanuts.

But here in the real world, you’re finding that very few clients are willing to pay decent prices for content. And those who are don’t hire you.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

That’s about to change.

Meet your Big Money Ghostwriting Mentor, Joshua Lisec

The World’s Only Award-Winning, Celebrity-Recommended, #1 International Bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter

Joshua Lisec is the founder of The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith LLC, Ohio’s first and only Certified Professional Ghostwriter, a multiple time #1 International Bestselling Ghostwriter, a Forbes Contributor ghostwriter, a TEDx speaker, a leading authority on author voice authenticity, and a two-time published novelist. Since 2011, he has ghostwritten forty books.

Joshua has been featured in TED, TEDx, BBC Radio London, Foundr, American Express, Yahoo!, Fatherly, The Side Hustle Show, The Write Life, the Nonfiction Authors Association The Huffington Post, and numerous other outlets. During a recent podcast, Dilbert comic creator and New York Times bestselling author Scott Adams recommended Joshua Lisec to aspiring authors who need help writing and publishing their book.

After achieving his own literary dreams, Joshua now teaches freelance writers, copywriters, editors, and marketers how to make the big bucks ghostwriting for big name clients through Ghostwrite & Prosper, a digital mentorship program that gives aspiring big money Ghostwriters the strategies, skills, and best of all, the confidence to ask for the big bucks—and get it.

Jordan Peterson, Author,
12 Rules for Life (3 Million Copies Sold)
Daymond John, 
Shark Tank Star & Author, The Power of Broke
JD Vance,
Author, #1 New York Times Bestseller Hillbilly Elegy

Joshua Lisec? The real deal.

“Joshua Lisec…is an expert on ghostwriting and getting published. Talk to him…You know you’re getting expert advice from somebody who’s done it a number of times.”
Scott Adams
Dilbert Creator & New York Times Bestselling Author of Win Bigly
“Freaking EPIC…I am so impressed…Your advice on charging what you’re worth is some of the best I have seen on the topic. It resonated so well with me!”
Bushra Azhar
Founder, The Persuasion Revolution & #1 International Bestselling Author of Mass Persuasion Method

“A lot of strategies out there recommended places like Upwork that don’t really work. What I like about Joshua is that he offers a complete framework for writing contracts, negotiating high rates, and pitching your services. Using one strategy, I’m securing projects upwards of five figures—$15,000 and $20,000.”

Satya K., Freelance Writer

“Joshua, I’ve used your strategies to get my first client online! YES! I now have a framework for answering ‘So what do you do?’ in a way that causes my ideal clients to understand the value I offer. That completely changes the way I pitc. The confidence I have now is incredible!”

Renee H., Freelance Marketer

“Joshua’s methods are different from other ways to get clients because you’re removing yourself from having to compete with a lot of people.”

Jeanne S., Freelance Writer

Big Money Ghostwriting VS Freelancing

Big Money Ghostwriting

  • Authors contact you and only you.
  • “You’re the writer for me. Name your price.”
  • You have a cleaning crew and an overflowing vacation fund.

Freelance Ghostwriting

  • You’re one of 29 the author interviews.
  • “My budget is X. Can you do it for that?”
  • One-off gigs barely pay your wifi.

Big Money Ghostwriting Projects in Real Life

$136,800 Women in Business Book Project $77,000 Memoir Book
$50,000 Management Book $75,000 Culture Book
$50,000 Self Help Book $39,000 Startups Book
$50,000 Entrepreneurship Book $39,000 Leadership Book
$39,000 Personal Finance Book $50,000 Diseases & Physical Ailments Book
$15,000 Entrepreneurship Book Proposal $35,000 Web Marketing Book

So why do most ghostwriters not make big money?

Is there something wrong with them? Their writing? Their sales skills?


Could these 7 popular “truths” about ghostwriting be to blame?

The 7 Popular “Truths” Freelancers Believe about Ghostwriting

Myth #1 “You need a portfolio.”

The “official steps” to Freelance Ghostwriting Success go a little something like this:

  • Build your portfolio.
  • Send potential clients your portfolio.
  • Get hired.

If you’ve read any freelance writing articles recently, you got some version of that advice. In theory, it makes sense.

But what if sharing your portfolio with potential ghostwriting clients actually turns them away?

I learned that the hardest way you can imagine. In my early days as a ghostwriter, whenever I’d hear from an aspiring author looking for help, what did I say?

“Here’s a link to my portfolio so you can view some of my previous projects.”

You know what’s strange? Only a few authors asked for my portfolio. Most didn’t. But that didn’t matter to me — the articles told me to send my portfolio, so by golly I did!

Here’s what happened:

No messages back.

No replies to my follow up emails or follow-ups to the follow-ups.

No deals.


One day, I sent my portfolio to an author while we were on the phone together. You know what he said right then and there?

“Interesting. You can write, but I don’t like your style. I’ll talk to other writers and get back with you.”

“Well, ack-shully,” I jumped in, “I was writing in my client’s style. I’m a ghostwriter. That’s what I do. If you look through my portfolio, you’ll see every sample has a different tone and feel.”

“Yeah, I don’t like those styles either. Maybe I should finish my book myself. That’s what my friends are telling me anyway. I don’t want my book reading like somebody else wrote it.”

This happened for YEARS. Authors reached out to me for help, took one look at my portfolio, and fell off the face of the earth. And I had no clue why.

Not until I got on a live video call with an aspiring author (whose project was PERFECT for me), and he asked an altogether different question.

“Can you tell me about any past client successes?”

“Oh. Well, I have a portfolio I can send — ”

“No, I don’t need to see a portfolio,” he said. “What I mean is — have your clients been happy with their books? Did they sell well? Once the book was done, what did they do with it?”

That conversation changed everything.

I realized that authors who make the best clients care about the results of THEIR book project, rather than what you’ve written for other people in the past. The fact they’re even having a conversation with you means they assume you’re a competent communicator! Sharing what you wrote for somebody else will only change their mind.

From that day forward, I’ve collected testimonials from every author I could. Since many clients don’t expect you to sign an NDA or confidentiality agreement, you can share the results they got from their book!

(Oh, you thought every professional ghostwriter is supposed to sign an NDA with every client? Another deal-killing myth!)

From now on, how much of a difference would it make if we stopped sending our portfolio and started showing testimonials? If we started putting a client quote in our email footer, on our LinkedIn profile, on our website…everywhere! And when our next potential ghostwriting client asks us for writing samples, we give them something better — third-party social proof that other authors got a return on their investment in your services.

Go from once-off “bargain” gigs to five-figure and six-figure ghostwriting deals. Joshua Lisec will teach you how.

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