Ghostwriting Myth #3: “I’m not good enough to make the big bucks.”

Why would anyone pay me $100,000 to ghostwrite a book? Much less $50,000 or even $25,000! 

Been there, thought that, friend? Yep, me too. Every Ghostwriter questions their own abilities in the dark crannies of our writer’s blocked brains.

But is it true?

Are you good enough to make a living as a Ghostwriter?

Attract big name clients?

Earn the big bucks without ever having to “prove yourself” to a client first?

I bet you are. Here’s how I know.

Ever heard of Nassim Nicholas Taleb?

He’s authored several New York Times bestsellers including The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, described by The Sunday Times “one of the most influential books since World War II.”

Why does that matter?

Because Nassim is a foremost expert on writing, publishing, and marketing books.

If you’re worried that your ghostwriting work is not up to Big Five publisher snuff, Nassim has a few words for you:

Nassim’s point? Even publishing houses can’t tell “good” writing from “bad” writing. That explains why 99 percent of traditionally published book lose money (Forbes)! Literary agents and acquisitions editors have a 1 percent chance of picking a winning book.

With so many independent publishing paths available to entrepreneurial authors—AKA people who want you to write a book that makes money—why worry what the ivory tower types think? Legendary author Nassim Taleb doesn’t give a hoot? Why should you?

This brings us to what your job is as a Ghostwriter. And what it isn’t.

It’s your job to ghostwrite a book your author loves.

It’s your job to ghostwrite a book that makes your author feel heard. Seen. Special.

It’s your job to ghostwrite a book that entertains, delights, and persuades readers.

It’s your job to ghostwrite a book that your author can’t wait to promote.

It’s your job to ghostwrite a book that opens doors for your author’s brand, business, or career.

It’s your job to ghostwrite a book that brings tears to your author’s eye and a smile to their face—at the same damn time.

It’s not your job to impress an agent who would never represent you client anyway.

It’s not your job to get your client a publishing deal with a house that treats your work like trash.

And it’s not your job to ghostwrite a “perfect” book that everyone loves.

To paraphrase the much-beloved, oft-beguiled internet celebrity Ash Ambirge, if you’re not pissing off half your readers, your book isn’t any good.

Screw third-party opinions. If Person X isn’t buying your author’s book, don’t give a rotten pineapple core what Person X thinks about your ghostwriting talent—or your author’s book. 

So no— 

No, you don’t have to be “this good” to make the big bucks as a professional Ghostwriter.

Your future clients will pay you, $25,000, $50,000, and more because you get them.

Because you’re writing the best version of their book.

And because your book is doing something for them—persuading minds, changing hearts, opening wallets.

Curious how I ghostwrite books that do all that and more for my clients?

In my next email, I’m going to show you how to ghostwrite a book that turns a $15 purchase into $1,500 worth of revenue for your client.

Happy client = More referrals = Tighter schedule = Higher rates = Happier you

Don’t miss out.

Keep them eyes peeled!

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  • GILLIAN BEHARRY Sep 2, 2019 @ 15:52

    I’m still reading, great stuff, makes me want to be in this for the long haul, as long as I have your energy motivating me.

    • Joshua Lisec Sep 2, 2019 @ 15:58

      Wonderful! Ghostwriting is the most rewarding literary work I’ve ever done. More so than writing my own books (which I’ve done…twice!). I’m happy to help you on your journey, Gillian, so you can skip the hard lessons that trip people up for years and keep big-budget clients away. You’re on the right path!

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