Ghostwriting Myth #6: “I’m a freelance writer. I work alone.”

Ever heard of the Great Ghostwriting Scam?

I recently did a video about this sleazy new way to rip off authors.

Side note—as trusted publishing industry professionals, it’s our job to warn aspiring authors about the predators lurking about, who pounce on unsuspecting writers and gobble up their budget until they’re left with an unreadable first draft and now hope to ever get published.

So what’s the Great Ghostwriting Scam?

I only heard about it because three different authors told me about it within one week (all three are now clients, BTW). The scam works like this:

Accomplished Ghostwriter offers services to Aspiring Author for huge-ass price.

Aspiring Author is impressed with Accomplished Ghostwriter’s accomplishments and hires them, paying 50 percent of the project upfront.

Accomplished Ghostwriter cashes the check. 

“Oh, ack-shully, you’ll be working with a Junior Ghostwriter in my agency,” Accomplished Ghostwriter tells Aspiring Author.

Bait and switch complete. The Junior Ghostwriter can barely string two sentences together to save their life and gets paid pennies for their work. Meanwhile, Accomplished Ghostwriter keeps most of the fee.

Aspiring Author is livid—as they should be!

I tell you about the Great Ghostwriting Scam to illustrate what dropservicing is NOT all about.

Unlike the Great Ghostwriting Scam, when you go from a freelance ghostwriting solo act to a team of trusted professionals, you are being open and honest with your clients.

You’re telling them you have people who work with you to reformat the manuscript for publication, who produce the audiobook, who design the cover, who create all the book launch materials.

As you know, a PDF manuscript you ghostwrote for a client doesn’t do them much good.  But if you pull together a book production team that includes a book formatter, book designer, book marketer, a company like to do the promotion, and others, you’re now offering clients everything they need to make money off their book.

Writing is not the end result, it’s a stop in the chain. Do one thing, get paid for one thing. Do everything, get paid everything.

Plus, most clients know how to write, so they don’t see your skills as being way above theirs, they see you as someone to outsource or delegate to. But when your clients hire you to build them an independent publishing business, you’re demonstrating way more expertise than they have which, again, increases your value.

And the best part is, you don’t have to introduce your client to every single person on your team! In fact, they probably don’t care—they just want to know they’re going to get an amazing literary product they can use to get speaking engagements, book media interviews, and convert new readers into repeat customers when all is said and done.

Dropservicing is the only ghostwriting business model that allows you to do this.

And I’m going to show you how I do it.

How I went from $1.67/hour solo freelance writer to $500,000/year professional ghostwriter without giving up what I do best—ghostwriting! 

How I close $50,000 ghostwriting gigs with authors who’d only planned to spend $5,000 on a ghostwriter—and get them feeling like they got a deal.

How I take authors from vague book idea all the way through the authorship journey to a manuscript masterpiece available in over 100 countries in print, digital, and audio.

How I run multiple book projects at a time without killing my free time so I can serve every client while playing with my son.

How I guarantee highest quality work to clients even when someone else is doing it (like designing book covers).

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