Ghostwriting Myth #7: “I’ll eventually charge more and get better clients. Somehow…”

When I started my freelance writing business in 2011, my first project paid $1.67/hour.

Eight years later, I regularly close $50,000, $75,000, even $100,000 ghostwriting deals.

That wasn’t by accident. Or luck. Or even a natural sequence of events where I incrementally improved my writing skills, slowly raised my rands, or quietly booked better authors who respected me an eensy-weensy bit more than the last client.

Wanna know how I know?

I recently checked out an experienced ghostwriter’s profile on Upwork. Back in the early 2010s, we started right outside the same place. Look at this:

Years later, look where they still are…charging a few hundred bucks. 

I’m probably not a “better” ghostwriter than this person. But I did take a better ghostwriting path.

While ghostwriters like these toil away for years, barely increasing their rates and the quality of clients they get…

You could be over here taking a great leap forward. Making a breakthrough. Landing a moonshot.

Whatever you want to call it, it beats spending evenings and weekends earning ghostwriting rates orders of magnitude less than minimum wage.

So I want to ask you something. Look at the graph below—which story do you want to tell?

The sooner you learn how to find authors with bigger bank accounts

Offer irresistible ghostwriting packages

Build a team of trusted publishing professionals

Structure long-term deals to keep clients with you for months at a time

The sooner you will

Earn the ghostwriting rates you deserve

Win the respect from authors you deserve

And build the sustainable, predictable business your family deserves

All it takes is the right path.

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Joshua Lisec

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